5 Jan 2009


Today I'm finally doing the transition to Vista. After my first and failed attempt in April 2007 I've now got a new work desktop with 32-bit Vista installed: a Dell XPS with Core2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, NVIDIA 9800 GT and a 700 GB hard disc. It's huge and f*ck-ugly (a true PC indeed), and it glows blue in the dark. Seriously, who's designing those machines nowadays, and for what target audience?

I'm pretty happy with Vista now. Looks like all the problems from 2 years ago have been fixed, disc and network performance seems good, and everything feels "snappier" then on my previous machine (although, given the better hardware specs, it better should!)

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rogerdv said...

I have a friend wholoves having all those led-filled fans inside the case. Wehn you onep it seems that you have opened the door of a disco.