17 Jan 2009


The keyboard of my Vaio is starting to act funny, and I guess the 512MB RAM and 50GB hard disc don’t quite cut it anymore either. It’s been serving me well for the past 3 years, longer then any desktop PC I had before, so I think it’s time to finally put it to rest. I’m currently ogling the Samsung X360, the only things I don’t like is the price and the Intel graphics chip. But damn everything else is sexy. I have the following must-haves for my notebook of choice:

  • a 13.5 inch display, this makes the notebook just as big as an A4 sheet of paper, anything smaller is too small, and anything bigger is too clunky :)
  • weight, I’m dragging around the notebook quite a bit, so the lighter, the better
  • battery life, I like to work when travelling by train, but only ICE trains have power sockets in Germany
  • needs to run VisualStudio, and must be able to run my own DirectX stuff (this rules out MacOS X, and using a Powerbook to run Windows is kind of a sacrilege, oh and… only web designers use Macs, rite?)
  • needs to have at least Shader Model 3.0 graphics
  • needs to have enough oompfh for Vista and Windows 7

Some of the new Vaios are runner-ups as well, but they are even more overpriced then the X360 (which is quite typical for Sony products) and I loath how Sony pre-loads the machine with heaps of useless software. I need to check out whether Samsung is guilty of this as well, but it’s hard to imagine they’d be worse then Sony.


eRiC said...

wow that samsung is real light! But one real bad thing with it: There are no dedicated "End" and "Home"-keys. I hate to extra press Fn to use those keys.
The LG p300 actually has those keys where my trusty (but chunky) sony vaio has them as well. And the new but more pricey p310 has kickass graphics! I think that will be the one ;]

But the samsung looks quite ugly in the side view.. but not different from the LG one. Seems Apple is the only manufacturer that can make notebooks look pretty from the side ;]

xoyojank said...

is the graphics card is good enough for playing games?

Penhalion said...

I opted for a macbook aluminium because of the 9400 chip and the ddr3 ram. I have installed the windows 7 beta with bootcamp and the machine seems ideal for running both mac os X and windows 7.

The only down side I found with the mac was that it is expensive. However, at 13.3 inches of diaplay and the aluminium case. It travels well and the battery life is truly useful.

Denis Andreev said...

It's funny how easy you skip up MacBook :) You can install Windows on it and get everything from you list.