19 Feb 2008

Nebula3 Februar 2008 SDK

Alright, here it is finally:


Notable new features:
  • a "quick'n'dirty port" of our current Nebula2 modular character and animation system
  • PSSM-VSM shadow support for global light sources (which I'm not quite happy with yet)
  • some restructuring and cleanup in the Application layer
The internal Wii port is coming along nicely, Johannes got SQLite up and running on the Wii (which will also be helpful for other console ports), and apart from physics and collision detection, the Application Layer is now running on the Wii.

During the last 2 weekends I started to implement a new AsyncGraphics subsystem, which will put the Graphics subsystem and everything beneath it under its own thread. I'll write more about this in another post soon.

Finally here's a new screenshot of the new "demo character":


Larry said...

I've been looking at this blog everyday for a while hoping to find the SDK, this post literally got me out of bed today.

Thanks again.

Kim Hyoun Woo said...

What a looking forward to see!
And also what's the current status (or its milestone) of this release?

Do you have any plan to put the SDK to SF's repository? If so, when? Anyhow... Thank you very much for the great resource.

Kim Hyoun Woo said...

The added feature, supporting character in the new released version uses legacy ncharacter3 stuff of N2. It is definately hard to understand because there are no doc even related resources, it means any model script and animation data can be tested on.
Is there any chance to get character3 related data to clarify it?

Kim Hyoun Woo said...

One more thing. It might be helpful to make Nebula2 3ds Max Toolkit supports ncharacter3.(I didn't update it quite a time :-)

Haron said...

I'm going to port my Linux platform support (foundation layer) from November version to February one and will upload changes to some fileshare site.

Floh said...

Yes I realize that the Character3-Stuff is hard to understand. It's intended as a temporary solution to get N3 up-and-running quickly with our existing tool pipeline. After the asynchronous rendering stuff I'll very likely do a clean rewrite of the animation and character stuff. This will still have to work with the Nebula2 file formats, but while I'm at it I can also include some better docs so that it would be possible to extend one of the existing exporter tools.

Bruce said...

In response to Kim's question about this being posted to the SF repository ...

Leaf, Kim, Floh and I are currently talking about some ways to host the Nebula 3 sources in a way that would work well for all parties involved, and, ideally, better than the situation with Nebula 2.

Haron said...

Here is my Linux version of February Nebula3 SDK: Nebula3 Linux
I've compiled testclient and testserver and connect them each other.

rzhou said...

Thanks a lot.

Haron said...

I've tried to use N3 as Dll and I got a problem with it. Problem causes by ThreadLocal variables (for example all Singleton variables declared in such way).

After googling the problem I found that ThreadLocal doesn't work in Dll's with Windows earlier than Vista.
Details you can find here and here.

I'm not sure whether you planning or not to use Nebula as Dll but I think other developers will try to use it in such way.
So maybe there is should be some solution for this problem.

Bruce said...

Haron, you can use thread-local storage in DLLs, you just can't use static TLS.

The second URL that you provided explains how to make things work with dynamic TLS:


Larry said...


This is not probably not the best place to ask this but here it goes.

Basically what I'm asking is if its possible to get Radon Lab's Nebula 2 in its current state.

I'm working on a project using nebula2 and I'm particularly interested in using the character 3 system.

I want to setup a keyboard controlled character like you have in the latest N3 release in N2. I tried using the character from the Feb release but it seems a lot has changed e.g. it refers to an ncharacter3skinshapenode (or something) which doesn't exist in the current community release.

Another thing is that the charcter3 node creates a Memory Animation passing 0 as resource name which immediatly causes an assertion by the Animation Server, it seems as though the character 3 system in the current community release is not complete.

At this point I think I'm asking too much but it doesn't hurt to try so something else that I would appreciate is a ncharcter3 character complete with variations, example files have always helped a lot with N2