28 Feb 2008


Hmm, just noticed that COD4 is now my personal most-played game, replacing Oblivion which ruled at the top spot since I bought my 360 in 2006. The funny thing is that I remember Oblivion as that huge time-eater which I played the whole summer of 2006, while COD4 feels like I just barely started to really play it. Scary.

I also finally finished the final boss in Prince Of Persia (the XBLA remake)! The combat system is surprisingly complex, attacking and blocking requires very good timing, a bit like the sword fights in Assassins Creed. Oh and I started with Lost Odyssey. Don't know what to think of it yet. It didn't exactly grab me, I'm 3 hours in or so, and there's just nothing happening in this game! Everything is so stretched out, and I keep thinking "man I could play some COD4 instead of struggling through this borefest"... and that's what I usually do about 10 minutes later...

I'm also currently on my third DMC4 play-through in Son-Of-Sparda mode. Great great game. Nice distraction until the king returns in June ;)

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