12 Sep 2007

Status update

I'm in the middle of the lighting implementation. Here's a little screenshot from the 360 version:

Please excuse the crude lighting setup, this is for testing so it needs to be somewhat exaggerated. The model is from Drakensang, so it isn't actually modelled to be displayed upclose like this.


Unknown said...

nah.. ;] I don't think our models deserve saying that they aren't good enough for close ups.
indeed: I we'd go that way they'd look much better! But look around: A lot of games don't even care.

very nice btw!! Again I'm impressed how fast you made that step! :] *applause*

Unknown said...

I think the head's design is fantastic (that's why I choose it hehe). I wanted to make clear that the head hasn't been specifically created as a graphics showcase but is actually taken from a real-world project.