25 Sep 2007


I give up, I seriously can't take the pain any longer. No Halo for me until I can get my hands on the english version. Whoever's responsible for the german audio track in Halo3 either needs to be fired or promoted to a position where he can't do any more harm. Why oh why couldn't they simply keep the original audio track and provide german subtitles?


eRiX said...

höhö lol! :]
I'd love to hear an example.
maybe you found the pre release easter egg. Is it really so permanent?

Floh said...

The random combat chatter kills it. When one of the soldiers says something like "Jetzt zeig ich dir wie es gemacht wird" which sounds as if some bored student is reading it from a sheet of paper it's hard not to wince. Same with cutscenes. There is no emotion at all in the voices, and if there it is terribly overdone. It really completely destroys an otherwise great game. The icing on the cake is that you can't even turn the voice volume down.