29 Jul 2007

First Render

First Nebula3 screenshot fresh from my notebook (please excuse the jpg artefacts):

It's the Tiger tank from our toolkit examples, loaded through the legacy N2 resource loaders. Visually, it's nothing to write home about of course - it's rendered using the most simple textured shader possible. But nonetheless this is a very important milestone for Nebula3 because all essential building blocks of the Render Layer are now up and running, and a simple render loop is possible. A lot of things still need to be done of course: putting the renderer into its own thread, occlusion culling, realtime lights and shadows, lots of tests and benchmarks, and so on... but once the first triangle is on the screen, the rest is easy ;)


Chook said...

Will there be an updated SDK soon? Basic rendering is still a huge step :)

Unknown said...

HOOORAY!! The first Nebula3 Pixels touched my eyes!! Feels so blessing :D

Maybe we do some cooler Models then? Something Eyecatching like nVidia and ATi have? Some babes would do.. ^^

dax said...

Hey floh.

Damn nice work so far. But i guess there is still a lot to expect ;)

I took a look at your nebula3 code; removing commands form LUA might work this way:

LuaServer::UnregisterCommand(const String& name)
lua_pushstring(this->luaState, name.AsCharPtr());
lua_settable(this->luaState, LUA_GLOBALSINDEX);


This will pretty much empty out a certain command.

Btw, what about a physics subsystem? Anything planned in that way?