2 Feb 2014

It's so quiet here...

…because I’m doing a lot of weekend coding at the moment. I basically caught the github bug over the holidays:


I’ve been playing around with C++11, python, Vagrant, puppet and chef recently:


  • I like: move semantics, for (:), variadic template arguments, std::atomic, std::thread, std::chrono, possibly std::function and std::bind (haven’t played around with these yet)
  • (still) not a big fan of: auto, std containers, exceptions, rtti, shared_ptr, make_shared
  • thread_local vs __thread vs __declspec(thread) is still a mess across Clang/OSX, GCC and VisualStudio
  • the recent crazy-talk about integrating a 2D drawing API into the C++ standard gives me the shivers, what a terrible, terrible idea!


  • best choice/replacement for command-line scripts and asset tools (all major 3D modelling/animation tools are python-scriptable)
  • performance of the standard python interpreter is disappointing, and making something complex like FBX SDK work in alternative Python compilers is difficult or impossible

Vagrant plus Puppet or Chef

  • Vagrant is extremely cool for having an isolated cross-compilation Linux VM for emscripten and PNaCl, instead of writing a readme with all the steps required to get a working build machine, you can simply check-in a Vagrantfile into the versioning system repository, and other programmers simply do a ‘vagrant up’ and have a VM which ‘just works’
  • the slow performance of shared directories on VirtualBox requires some silly workarounds, supposedly this is better with VMWare Fusion, but haven’t tried yet
  • Puppet vs Chef are like Coke vs Pepsi for such simple “stand-alone” use-cases. Chef seems to be more difficult to get into, but I think in the end it is more rewarding when trying to “scale up”

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valoh said...

Try auto, it's taking some getting used to but it is really useful and makes refactoring way easier. And when working with a good IDE it always show you the concrete type.

make_shared/shared_ptr: when needing refcounting it definitely comes in handy.

std::function/std::bind and lambdas are very cool. lambdas have its problems which will hopefully fixed with c++14. Still already really useful.

In-class member initializers are also very nice...

Andre Weissflog said...

Yes, it may be its personal preference, but I prefer the build to break if types change because of refactoring ;) Maybe I'll change my mind when working more with it.

Larry said...

Tried puppet and chef in December and settled for ansible, much easier to work with and scales pretty well

Larry said...
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