29 Sep 2008

Nebula3 September SDK

Here's the new SDK:


Please check my previous post for details, which got f*cked up pretty badly by importing it from Google Docs :(


eRiX said...

fucked up? looking good over here!

And of course very nice to see that lots of stuff is going on.

Say why does the "true resource streaming on console-platforms" belong to renderlayer?

Coroknight said...

Fantastic! I haven't commented on your posts before but this got me way too excited. Many people follow your work but don't post. Thanks so much!

Coroknight said...

Also, do you plan on implementing a GUI subsystem? I've been using Nebula3 for a project but it is getting too complex to not have some sort of GUI or text onscreen.

Kim, Hyoun Woo said...

Thank you. :-) I really hoped to see and know about the multi-core system that how it cooperate with gamework message system.

Denis Andreev said...

thanks for update.
can you clear the status of http://code.google.com/p/nebula3/? if it's not 'official' can it become a offical way to get sources?

Kim, Hyoun Woo said...

As I know, the status of the google site does not contain the N2 2008 Sep SDK but the previous one with other branches. I guess there might be merge with this update but not sure when it will be done.
I'll drop an email to the community about it.

Drazen said...

Examples does not work for me,
testgame.exe crashes in line 48 of materialtable.cc while trying to load materials.xml and testrenderer says shader 'shd:shader' not found.
please help

Drazen said...

Update : looks like something is missing in export.zip or exports_win32.zip , can anyone help ? SDK from february 2008 works just fine.

Looter said...

I have the same problem as Drazen, any help would be greatly appreciated!