31 Mar 2008

In Oblivion

I can't believe I started playing Oblivion again. I finally want to finish the main quest, last time I played through nearly all guild quests and then didn't have enough motivation left to go on with the main story... I was immediately sucked into the game again. Dungeon crawling is where Oblivion really shines, even more then Morrowind (which I still consider the better overall game). I have created a new dark-elf nightblade which I'm playing as a stealthy magic-wielding, arrow-shooting bad-ass assassin :o)

I also started to play around a bit with SVG, since I was looking for a cheap way to render diagrams for the Nebula3 debugging and profiling subsystem. I'll go into more details in a later post, but let me just say that SVG kicks ass and is exactly what I was looking for. Fun-fact: the only browser that can't render SVG out of the box is IE7 (Firefox, Opera and Safari are fine).


Bruce said...

You might find these interesting for showing data as well:



Dojo Charting and Gfx:


Gogolian said...

I have the same problem with many games especialy with Kingdom Hearts I was playing recently.
Before the main boss you think "WTH! Why not to do all sidequests" And some sidequests are so boring that makes you leave the game even without beating the main boss ;)