17 Jan 2008

First Render: Wii

Here's the first screenshot from the Nebula3 Wii port. There are still some rendering artefacts which we're looking into, but technically it's the first rendering which is fully running through the Nebula3 rendering pipeline on the Wii :)


Larry said...

Great to see progress on the engine, I've made some good progress with my opengl implementation but I'm developing it against the Sep release, I'm looking foward to the Jan release so I can develop using it.

Thanks for a great engine and for making it available for independent developers as well, its an excellent learning experience.

Unknown said...

Will the Wii/XBox360 Nebula3 source code be available for Nintendo/Microsoft licensed developers?

Thanks for the excellent engine!

Unknown said...

@atilla: Yes that's the plan for the future. The ports will have to run under a commercial license though. Can't say much more yet, because first we need a running engine preferably with a complete project under its belt before we can take the next steps.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the answer. Can you estimate when will the Nebula3 (PC) be ready to use in projects? We are waiting for the next SDK to start experimenting with the engine and then to start using it in our next game. Do you think that it's too early to use it, and will there be some major changes? Is there a plan to have a 3DSMax Toolkit?