16 Oct 2007

New Radon Labs Web Page

Our new company web page has gone live over the weekend! I really love the bright and colorful design. Apart from the fresh new design the other reason for the refactoring was better maintainability. Now that we're churning out several games a year it must be easy to update the website with game flyers and news. And it was suprisingly hard to get there. In the beginning we wanted to entrust an external company with our web page. But although Berlin is packed full with web designers it is suprisingly hard to find a good one worth his money. Most of them only seem to care about the artistic side, and more or less ignore usability and maintainablity. What we needed was a carefully engineered webpage that also had to look good. After some failed attempts we finally did it internally, and now we have a solution that's easy to maintain and integrates nicely into our company infrastructure.


Joe Woynillowicz said...

Wow this site looks great, I really like the design.

Albert MW said...


Unknown said...

Well, you should really either use a background gradient image that is more than 800 pixels in height, or use the color of the bottom-most pixel in the gradient image as the background color, or use CSS for the gradient. Otherwise your page will look like this


to people how use their monitor in portrait mode :-)