21 Aug 2007

Nebula3 PowerPoint slides

Here's the PowerPoint of the talk I gave yesterday at the GCDC in Leipzig:


If you don't have PowerPoint, there's a standalone reader available for download from MS, just google for "PowerPoint viewer".

GCDC is always fun. Unfortunately I could only stay for a few hours and then had to return to Berlin for work. GC is going to be HUUUGE this time. Looks like they've added an additional hall, the business center had to move into a new smaller hall across the "campus". I've been going to GC every year since it started, but I'm still impressed by the Leipzig Exhibition Centre's architecture and size, it's like a trip into the future.


joew said...

Great slides :) Gives a nice high level overview of the state of Nebula 3 and where you are going with it.

Ralf said...

Hi Floh

Nice overview.

Any plan for the next preview including graphics :-)

Also will you be providing a final release of N2 with the xact stuff?

Really enjoying the blog. usually the first thing I check in the morning so get to work ;-)